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We're meant to believe a commercial jetliner measuring almost 40 feet high, 155 feet from nose to tail, 125 feet from wingtip to wingtip, weighing over 60 tons with 64 souls on board crashed into the Pentagon creating an approximate 17-foot opening in the facade that burrowed through 6 reinforced walls leaving an approximate 12-foot circular exit wound out the back of the C-ring, while vaporizing almost all debris that would be consistent with the crash of a commercial 757, but somehow leaving the bodies in good enough condition to identify through fingerprinting.
The official claim says that Flight 77 banked into a 330 degree turn, circled around the Pentagon and struck the rear of the building, which just happened to be recently reinforced and dressed with bomb-resistant windows, and coincidentally was closed off because of these renovations. Some witnesses say it was a 757, while others say that it was a smaller aircraft. Some even say it sounded like a missile or a jet fighter.
Until recently, only one video source consisting of five frames from a Pentagon security camera were released. The latest footage is basically the same, but raises even more questions.