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The official story says that United Airlines Flight 93 went down in Shanksville, PA at approximately 10:06am on 9/11. At first, the "Let's Roll" story came out about passengers storming the cockpit to take control of the plane--causing the flight to crash. The Pentagon said the story wasn't true. Then speculation about whether or not it was shot down was raised, and that was dismissed right away. Interestingly, Rumsfeld later slipped while addressing the troops on Christmas, 2004 by saying "shot down the plane over Pennsylvania" in an apparent speech against terrorists.
Many eyewitness reports from that day include hearing two explosions. Some remember seeing a small white Leer-type of private jet that circled overhead for 1-2 minutes after the crash and then took off. Others recall a C130 flying overhead after the crash, as well as a fighter jet speeding by. The FBI at first denied that any other aircraft was in the area, but then came up with explanations for the white jet and the C130. They stated that the white jet remained in the area to help authorities know the location of the crash. The C130 had actually been dispatched to assist in identifying Flight 77 within minutes of it crashing into the Pentagon, and then was ordered to assist in locating Flight 93. Very odd...
The debris field of the crash of Flight 93 was spread over a 3-6 mile area.  At Indian Lake, 3-miles away from the "official" crash site, witnesses spoke of a "rain of confetti" after a loud "boom". The official site of impact didn't look like your typical airliner crash. Witnesses at the crash site said that there were no pieces bigger than just a few feet, and that none of the debris was recognizable of a commercial jetliner.  The Mayor of Shanksville, Ernie Stull, whose sister was first on the scene, even said "There was no plane". Reports did tell of body parts and clothing strewn about the 3-6 mile area, but the official crash site was basically a crater covered with aluminum flakes that looked more like an explosion had occurred there, rather than a typical crash, which consists of large pieces of aircraft wreckage including wings, engines, fuselage, & luggage.
So what really happened? Well, judging from the witnesses and information, it is OUR BELIEF here at GTC that the plane was shot down, which explains why the debris field was spread over such a large area. The blast crater that was photographed and inspected as the official crash site, we believe, was most probably made by a second round of artillery to give the appearance of a crash. How many lawsuits do you
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think would arise against the government if it was made public that they shot down a plane full of American citizens?